Project Time Management


0.8.5 changes in progress...

  • CSV and Excel exports now show user who logged time
  • Todo lists are now added (in testing)
  • Only project admins may modify project users

0.8.4 changes

  • Project are, by default, user exclusive with sharing capability
  • Bugfixes
  • Todo list UI placeholder added, will come in later release

Launching Beta

As development continues, we will launch an alpha/beta version of projCLOCK to both give you a preview of what we have and also to help eliminate bugs at an earlier stage.

0.8.3 changes

  • Offical change in branding to projCLOCK
  • Moved from cookie based authentication system to PHP SESSIONs.

0.8.2 changes

  • Continued style changes/revamp
  • New, responsive sign in page which matches new style and scales to mobile
  • Authentication bugfixes


Group Projects

Start a project and then add other members to the project to have a single hub for time logging.

CSV and Excel Export

Easily export your recorded times into an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or comma separated values file (.csv) for easy invoicing.

Any Device

Using Responsive Web Design, the same projCLOCK is available on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.


There are no installations, apps, or downloads, so you can access projCLOCK from any computer with an internet connection.

Cloud Hosted

Because projCLOCK is hosted in the cloud like other top services, you can feel confident that hardware malfunctions will not cause you downtime and lost productivity.

Continually Improving

Right now, projCLOCK is not perfect, so we will continually fix bugs and add features over time.